Linux Lab Setup: ‘Alpha Lab’

This post documents the setup of our Linux lab ‘Alpha Lab’. This lab is a basic setup that focusses on basic Linux system administration.

I have used CentOs version 7 (CentOS-7-x86_64-Minimal-1611.iso) for this lab and the lab exercises but use the term RHEL7 to indicate the Linux version.

VM: E7-Router

  • Standard RHEL7 virtual machine
  • Two NICS
    • enp0s3: NAT connection ‘to the internet’
    • enp0s8: Internal network
  • During installation:
    • Configure enp0s3 for DHCP
    • Configure enp0s8 with a static IP
    • Don’t select other packages
    • Default filesystem / partition layout
    • Set timezone and configure NTP
  • After installation, update all packages, install vim and tmux (my personal preference, substitute as desired)
    • yum update -y
    • yum install -y vim-enhanced tmux
  • Create a snapshot called ‘Clean slate’ for easy rollback

VM: E7-Server1

  • Standard RHEL7 virtual machine
  • One NIC
    • enp0s3: Internal network

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