The learning revolution

It’s been some time since the media reported about MOOCs or other online / new studying platforms. In case you haven’t been following, MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. With the rise of the internet and the democratization of knowledge a new frontier was breached: specialised courses are no longer restricted to universities, schools or commercial training centers. Now it is possible to learn new skills from experienced instructors in an online course, in real time, with fellow students from around the world!

But as things go on the internet, yesterdays hype is todays old news. And the same applies for MOOCs. New technology has enabled anyone to create and share video courses that have been made available at an extremely low cost and sometimes even free.

The MOOC courses of yesterday would cost you anywhere from € 10,00 to a couple of hundred euros. But platforms such as PluralSight, Lynda or TutsPlus are available at a monthly subscription cost. This cost lies somewhere around € 20,00 a month and offers you access to a course library that offers you thousands (yes, 1000’s) of courses.

I have been using PluralSight for some time now and have been really happy with the quality of the courses and the content that is available.

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